the ice from the ice age has left the landscapes hilly, and a large area with a forest, twisted roads and beautiful houses, and with plenty of more to look at. during summer season the close surroundings features a wealth of opportunities, - even at Gisselfeld Convent floors there are opportunities to explore the plants in the Orangery and canopy at Camp Adventure, Learn to know the history of fish karpens in the "Fiskemesterhuset", and get to know the resort's history by a guided tour of the monastery.

You can satisfy your hunger and thirst in Rønnede Inn or in the idyllic Villa Gallina, Get inspiration on how to make the food at the farmers market and get into the Christmas spirit at the Christmas market. It takes 45 min. by car to get "rural" and enjoy a few days of tranquility and experiences in varied and history-rich landscape with the many exciting udflugtsmål.Kig under "Sights"and get more inspiration.